What is MFG Orders?

Utilizing MFG Orders, buyers and suppliers can both benefit from increased transparency during the custom part ordering process.

In a survey of MFG buyers, the two key components of Orders were in high demand, with over 95% of users selecting that they were interested in the functionality. 

Tutorial Video

The main features of MFG Orders are: 

Purchase Orders: After choosing a manufacturer on MFG for their product, buyers can now upload a purchase order or create one within MFG using a standard template. With either decision, more of the interaction between buyers and suppliers stays within the platform, streamlining overall processes.

Part Tracking: Once a purchase order is accepted, the chosen supplier can start using Part Tracking to provide the buyer with real-time status updates. Suppliers can create unique tracking stages for their specific manufacturing process, and proactively update them to keep buyers informed. This feature is designed to reduce the amount of questions and manual updates between buyers and suppliers, cutting the time spent on order administration.