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How do I create a saved search and use the RFQ filters?

The video will instruct you on how to create a saved search filter for your RFQs. The saved search filters also set your email to receive the daily RFQs notifications.

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to create filtered saved searches for RFQs. 


Go to My RFQs in your MFG account.  Click on "Clear this Search" to start building a new search.  Next, select all the criteria by which you would like to filter and search for RFQs.  Once you have selected all your desired filters, click Save Filter to store your search parameters.  You are able to create as many saved searches as needed. 

You can update any existing search filters by selecting them from the drop-down, editing them, and clicking Save Filter to update them. You can also delete any unneeded searches by selecting them from the drop-down and clicking Delete.